Micromodal - Completely Me Material Guide


The natural micro modal fiber, which is many times finer than conventional modal, is responsible for the silky skin feel of our underwear. Micromodal not only has a pleasant feel, but also ensures a dry wearing comfort thanks to the good moisture absorption. The material is breathable and skin-friendly and offers maximum comfort. The fiber is also very hard-wearing and remains pleasantly soft and supple even after many washes.

Micromodal is a modern, high-tech material that is made from plant fibers – i.e. from natural raw materials. Our fiber is made from 100% European beech wood and thus also makes a positive contribution to improving the ecological footprint. Sustainable production and processing also requires fewer resources than other textile fibers such as cotton. Environmentally friendly production processes enable a high level of recovery of the process chemicals used and ensure maximum waste water and emission protection. During production, sodium sulphate is produced as a "co-product", which is used in the detergent, glass and food industries.