The Collection

Do you like it calm and comfortable today? Tomorrow will be exciting and lively? Were you feminine and confident yesterday?
Completely me - a collection as versatile as you!
We make underwear for women who don't let anything or anyone stop them. Women who go through the day with confidence and enjoy their lives carefree. Women who do not compromise on comfort and quality. Women who do not allow themselves to be restricted by cycle-related or hormonal circumstances. Women who simply want to be themselves in every situation. COMPLETELY.

The Brand

Completely Me is an exclusive brand from fashion and lingerie designer Gabriele Schöller. In close cooperation with the producer, an innovative brand idea was able to develop into a mature and high-quality product line. Femininity and attention to detail are part of the designer's unmistakable signature. Functionality and wearing comfort speak a clear language and find expression in straightforwardness, a touch of playfulness and, above all, in the highest quality of materials and workmanship.
Completely Me is feminine underwear for every day, every situation and every age. When selecting the materials, we pay attention to sustainability, skin-friendliness and absolute wearing comfort. Completely Me is no ordinary period underwear, but designer underwear that offers “more” support on certain days and in certain phases of life. Menopause, menstrual bleeding or other danger of wetness: Completely Me absorbs liquids and stores them safely in the core. And the wearer?
She is just completely herself!

The Design

Completely Me is the highest quality feel-good underwear with supporting properties. This functionality is in no way inconsistent with a feminine look and a comfortable fit. But on the contrary!

Don't feel like giving up tampons?
Complete your hygiene routine with Completely Me and feel completely carefree.

You rely on the proven panty liner?
You'll love that Completely Me stays in place, is easy to use and really safe.

You don't want to wear old-fashioned functional underwear?
Completely Me is modern, feminine and absolutely timeless.


The Materials

Micromodal: The natural micromodal fiber, which is many times finer than conventional modal, is responsible for the silky feel of our underwear. Micromodal not only has a pleasant feel, but also ensures a dry wearing comfort thanks to its good moisture absorption. The material is breathable and skin-friendly and offers maximum comfort. The fiber is also very hard-wearing and remains pleasantly soft and supple even after many washes.

Micromodal is a modern high-tech material that is made from plant fibers. Our fiber is made from 100% European beech wood and thus also makes a positive contribution to improving the ecological footprint. Sustainable production and processing also requires fewer resources than other textile fibers such as cotton. Environmentally friendly production processes enable a high level of recovery of the process chemicals used and ensure maximum waste water and emission protection. During production, sodium sulphate is produced as a "co-product", which is used in the detergent, glass and food industries.

Terry cloth: With its fantastic absorbency, our terry cloth ensures that the skin feels dry and feels soft and gentle. Due to the hydrophilic properties, the material can absorb more liquid than alternative fibers. We use terrycloth in two absorbency levels for our laundry to address different needs. The terry consists of 80% cotton and 20% polyester - a microfiber with convincing properties that was developed in the early 1940s. It is particularly hard-wearing, easy to care for and dries quickly.

A characteristic feature of terry cloth is the loop processing, which results in a larger material volume and can therefore absorb more liquid. These loops are caused by the differences in tension during weaving or the loop yarn used. The terry material feels particularly dense, non-slip and comfortable.

Polyurethane: The polyurethane coating or insert ensures maximum leak protection for our laundry. For our coating, a wafer-thin film of liquid polyurethane is sprayed onto the back of the carrier material and transforms it into a moisture barrier that offers optimal safety. The fabric remains naturally elastic, breathable and comfortable to wear.

Polyurethane provides the protective layer on textiles and you can imagine the treated fabric as being permanently impregnated. This protective layer withstands the most intensive use and countless washes. In outdoor textiles, polyurethane has become indispensable - but we also make use of the versatile material in the underwear sector. Compared to other plastic materials, a polyurethane coating is the environmentally friendly alternative. It contains no toxic plasticizers and is therefore completely harmless for the wearer.